Akshay Prasad

Nov 11, 2020

2 min read

Turkey, Iran and Russia The advantages of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020. The Armenia-Azerbaijan war has been going on for over a month. Combat has been the worst between the two sides since the 1990s in NogornoKarabakh province. The death toll in the disruptive area of Nagorno-Karabakh between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces has risen to nearly 1,000 troops. Combat weapons and civilian deaths are also widespread. Thousands of people lost their property and were homeless as well.

While the peace-loving world condemned the war and made international demands for civilians to be saved, nations, such as Turkey, Iran and Israel, became actively involved in the battle, while Russia appeared to be in a neutral position in the conflict. Russia made one or two efforts, but the first failed hours later, to establish a permanent truce between the two sides.

Turkey brought in drones, sent Syrian radical mercenaries and urged Baku to assault Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in September to fuel the war. Turkey has helped Azerbaijan by providing military assistance, especially drones, to hit Armenian military bases. Although Erdogan denied the charges, Turkey was called upon by the international community to relinquish its position in the war if it did not work for peace.

For a permanent truce, the United States and Russia have succeeded. They cautioned that the issue could spread to other areas of the country. Last month, Russia worked out a truce which collapsed within hours.

By making them seem to be responsible nations calling for a truce, Iran and Russia have both gained from the war. By claiming to be a neutral state that upholds international law, they have explicitly helped Azerbaijan. In the other side, Turkey had the chance to hurt the Armenians again, who had been slain by the Othman Empire.

There are signs that Russia and Iran are emerging from the ongoing dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan in their economic war with a competing government and the need to revive Europe’s reliance on their oil and gas. They continue to pretend that states are impartial.

Throughout the world, Armenian demonstrators have sought to pressure France, Canada, the United States and others to stop fighting and to pressure Turkey to stop providing Azerbaijan with arms. It seems like certain nations, such as Germany, favour gun purchases more than diplomacy. This provided for the continuation of the dispute.