Turkey confirms former ASMLA chief Habib Chaab’s abduction

Habib Chaab, the former ASMLA chief, was kidnapped by Turkish intelligence in Istanbul, where he was smuggled to Iran illegally. As he was in Turkey and secretly moved to Iran, Habib was captured by Iranian intelligence, his wife told Iranian International Television. His wife said that since October 9, Habib, who lives in Sweden, had travelled to Turkey but vanished and had not returned to Sweden, and claimed that he had been arrested and taken to Iran.

Police said Habib was detained in Istanbul, and then the truck was taken to Turkey as a means of human trafficking by Iran, according to officials from Turkey. Meanwhile, Iranian media announced that in Turkey, Habib Asyud, also known as Habib Chaab, was arrested and taken to Tehran, and ASMLA said that after a trip to Turkey, Tehran had been kidnapped.

One of the leaders of the Arab Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz was Habib Chaab, also known as Asewadi, and ASMLA, the Arab patriotic rebel group campaigning for a separate Arab state in Iran’s oil-rich Khuzestan province, was founded in 1999.ASMLA was charged with carrying out terrorist attacks in Iran, the largest of which in 2018 was an armed assault on a military exercise that killed more than two dozen civilians, but declined to carry out such attacks.

According to sources, members of the kidnapping team bought plastic cables from a computer shop in Istanbul prior to Chaab’s arrival. Saberin met him at a gas station in Beylikduzu, Istanbul, on the day of his arrival in Turkey, where they were waiting in a truck for him. The medication was subsequently shipped, according to the Turkish intelligence officer.

The Washington Post was told by Chaab’s friends that Saberin played a key role in Habib’s abduction. A man named Kabi said that he called the women by a different name, and noted that they had split Chaab and the women. He added that the girl had lent up to €100,000 to Habib. When he vanished, his friends also figured out that the girl had given him another loan.

Iran is tracking down a large number of western Iranians who have started a movement on Twitter to overthrow the Iranian government and expose the world to Iran’s human rights violations.