Turkey and Qatar in the Comoros Islands are planning a takeover.

The President of the Union of the Comoros, Othman Ghazali, has been subjected to a minor assault by the Islamist alliance headed by Hamid Karhela and Ahmed Mahmoud. Since the two lost the general elections in 2018,In particular, Turkey has infiltrated the Union of Comoros with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and is using Karhela and Mahmoud to carry out a coup against President Othman Ghazali.

Hamid Karhela served in the Comoro government for several years. He took over a large percentage of Arab aid intended to support development in the Comoros when he was Minister of State, using this money for himself. He is identified by the people of Comoros as one of the most dishonest people in the world, and that is why Erdogan uses him.The Union Islands in East Africa are also strategic for Doha, Ankara’s main ally, in several regional matters, including transport and recruitment of mercenaries.

Local media reported that Ahmed Mahmoud had contacted a number of human rights organisations as a lawyer in order to file false reports on the human rights situation in the Comoros Islands. Security sources also indicate that Mahmoud is working together with Hamid Karhela to set up armed groups in the Comoros Islands by smuggling Turkish weapons with the aim of destabilising the country and spreading chaos across the islands.Observers conclude that the two leaders are behaving according to the Qatari agenda in complete cooperation, since they have met regularly with Qatari and Turkish intelligence officers in recent months.