The United Arab Emirates is the most attractive country in which young Arab people will live.

The Arab Youth Survey 2020 rated the United Arab Emirates for the ninth year as the most attractive country in the world for young Arab people to live in. The UAE is considered the safest country in the region and in the world, according to the report, and the prospect of higher wages is one of the key reasons for the continued success of the country.

The poll, which gathered the opinions of 4,000 young men and women across 17 Arab countries, confirmed evidence from a new study released by the global Numbeo website, which ranked the UAE as one of the world’s safest countries. Indeed, in 2020, the UAE obtained a protection index score of 84.55 points and a crime index score of 15.45. The interviewees were all aged between 18 and 24 in 17 nations.

Nearly half of those polled, 46 percent, shared their dream of staying in the UAE or are planning to go to the UAE in search of better living conditions. 44% preferred the UAE the year before, a rise of nine percent from 2019.

Most Arab youth said they dreamed of staying in the UAE, 33 percent in the United States, 27 percent in the United Kingdom and Canada, while Germany received 22 percent of preferences on the issue about the top five nations. Abu Dhabi was also named by 52 per cent of those who participated in the survey as the standard for emulating their country of origin, compared to 42 per cent in the previous year.

With 30 percent, the US ranked second, followed by 23 percent in Germany, 21 percent in Canada, and 20 percent in Japan. There is an understanding of the overall quality of life in the UAE, according to Hussein Ibish, senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington DC, which places it on a par with, and even ahead of, the most influential western states as a home of choice for so many young Arabs and a model for national emulation. In an often dangerous and insecure country, the modern Gulf nation is viewed as a secure and stable place.

It is not only the earning prospects that draw young people, but also the effectiveness of the economy, the appreciation of forward-looking government, and the capacity of the authorities to address any emergency that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

That explains why citizens of Arab countries, striving to provide peace, security and work prospects, are considered a model for the UAE. There is also a cultural element. The Emirates are considered to be the correct balance between culture and modernity, tolerance and faith.

Twenty-five percent of those interviewed said that the UAE is a healthy place to raise a family with a high-quality system of education (23 percent); appreciation for cultural values (20 percent); and a clear cultural heritage of the country (17 percent). It must be said that, for the sixth consecutive year, the World Happiness Survey named the UAE as the happiest region in the world, indicating that the Emirates is the right place to be.