Qatar breaches international law and forbids two Bahraini ships from carrying out maritime activities

Bahrain accused Qatar of breaching international law on Wednesday, when Qatar intercepted two of its coastguard vessels carrying out maritime operations in its territorial waters. The Ministry of the Interior of Bahrain said it would report the incident to the Co-operation Council of the Gulf and said it hoped that such an incident would not happen in the future.”

The incident took place at 1 pm when after participating in the Manaa exercises, north of Fasht Al Dibal, three Qatari coastguard vessels stopped two Bahraini coastguard boats when they were returning. Clarifications were provided by the Qatari Ministry of the Interior claiming that Bahraini vessels were seized in Qatari waters and released as soon as Bahraini authorities were contacted for clarification.

‘According to the principles of the National Action Charter and the terms of the Constitution of the Kingdom, Bahrain has the right to continue exercising its sovereignty over its territorial waters and the granting or abandoning of any part of its territory is not permissible,’ said the Council of Representatives of Bahrain.

The incident was condemned by Bahrain, stating that Qatar’s impromptu behaviour could hinder regional security and peace. Bahrain also demanded that Doha follow international law, adding that the matter would not be taken lightly, but rather raised before the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Along with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, Bahrain and Qatar share cold relations as before, boycotting any sort of trade with Doha in 2017 for its growing support for multiple terrorist groups.