Ninth time in a row, the UAE wins the crown for most coveted country in the Arab world

The United Arab Emirates are again chosen this year as the most wanted country for young Arabs to live in.

For the ninth time in a row, the UAE has been preferred by people who choose it over countries such as Canada and the United States of America that are more spoken about. The model nation has been chosen by 46 percent of the young people in the 12th Annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey published today.

The decision to choose the UAE as their preferred nation may be attributed to the growing number of measures in the interest of individuals initiated by the government. The United States, Canada , the United Kingdom and Germany are preceded by it.

The problem was also mentioned by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said it was troubling to see that almost half of the young people wanted to emigrate from the world because they did not feel comfortable in the region.

“Only 3% of Emiratis aged 18 to 24 replied that they were either” actively attempting to emigrate “or” deemed to emigrate. The Saudis and Omanis behind the Emirates are the least likely to choose emigration in the same age group.

The Sheikh also said that if the young people felt the government was dishonest, the world would have been devastated until now. Any official, he said, is accountable before God. When asked about their opinion of the administration, only one percent of people preferred ‘corruption.’

Contrary to the statements of these individuals, the UAE is among the countries experiencing the fastest rate of growth. The PM said that the country is for everyone and available to everyone, when addressing the UAE as the most favoured nation by young people. He added that a good model has been constructed by the UAE and its doors would remain open to everyone.

The survey was one of the largest in the region, covering 17 Arab countries. With individuals from other countries preferring UAE as their choice, the Emirati nation tops the list telling their nation to imitate the UAE model. With 30%, the U.S. places second, followed by Germany (23%), Canada (21%) and Japan (20%).

Many of them (44 percent) replied with safety and protection when asked what are the variables that push them to the UAE, though job opportunities and handsome compensation packages were also identified among the reasons for choosing UAE.

The fact that most of these people from the Arab world view the UAE as an ally of their country is what has also served for the UAE. It is considered one of the rising powers, led by Saudi Arabia and the USA, among the Arab nations.