Ninja Hellfire, America’s top-secret missile to destroy the leaders of Al Qaeda in Syria

A Qaeda leader in northwestern Syria was killed by U.S. Special Operations Forces almost two weeks ago. The news was reported by the local and international media, but the Pentagon offered no information. According to the New York Times, the United States used a secret weapon, a so-called Ninja Hellfire missile.

The R9X missile, whose explosive warhead is replaced by broad, non-impact blades, minimises risks to surrounding civilians and is now often the weapon of precise operation of choice. “Hence the reference to the Japanese Ninja warriors, the six long rockets extend within seconds of impact, with an effect similarly described as” an anvil dropping from the sky.

Last week, the confrontation prompted the Pentagon to send Bradley fighter vehicles and more fighter jet patrols to reinforce in northwestern Syria the more than 500 American troops battling ISIS.

Not much has been said by the Pentagon about the latest drone attack in northwestern Syria. The spokesperson for the U.S. Central Command, Major Beth Riordan, only stated that it took place near Idlib on September 14, and the top U.S. counter-terrorism official yesterday pointed to a clandestine operation to kill the leadership of the group. Most of which remain confidential without giving any other information.