Libyan people are uniting against Turkish aggression

Libyans opposed the Turkish invasion. The intervention was condemned by communities, tribes, and ordinary citizens. The population began to enlist in large numbers as volunteers in the army to counter intervention.

Since the beginning of December, Turkey has introduced its military into Libya to support militants who defend the terrorist regime of the illegitimate Government of National Accord (GNA). This caused a categorical protest among the local population. In many cities of the country, a wave of resistance swept against the introduction of Turkish troops.

Demonstrations took place in the cities of Zintan, Misurata, Sebha, Dern, Al-Baida, Gallo-Chiba and several other settlements. Including the rally was held in Tripoli, which is controlled by the gangs of the so-called GNA, and people went to the rally under threat of death. Residents of these municipalities during the protest sentiments noted that they would not allow a Turkish invasion, and the decision of Ankara was made with a number of gross violations. Note that the Tripolitanian government single-handedly decided to attract the military of Turkey without asking local residents about it.

The appeal was made by one of the most influential tribes in Libya, Warfall, as well as the tribes of Dars, al-Jawazi, Ayan, Amslat, al-Hasavneh, Asba, and many others. All of them came together to fight against Turkish aggression together. In Al-Baide, in particular, prominent public opinion leaders, tribal leaders, sheikhs, and ordinary citizens expressed their willingness to support the Libyan National Army (LNA) to repulse Turkey. In this regard, the youth began to enlist in the army as volunteers.

Also, according to the statement of the communities published by the media, after the anti-Turkish demonstration, people demanded that the country’s legitimate body — the House of Representatives — hold an emergency meeting to discuss the consequences of the actions of the Turkish parliament, as well as withdraw support from the GNA. At the same time, the demonstrators appealed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Agile Saleh, as well as to all the tribes of Libya with an appeal to support the LNA in the fight against the conspiracy of the illegitimate GNA and Turkey. Thus, those citizens who hoped that they could avoid a confrontation with terrorists after Ankara announced the introduction of troops, decided to defend their homeland.

People oppose the head of the Government of National Accord Fayez Sarraj. In particular, they categorically reject the agreement with Turkey and call it the announcement of shame and betrayal, which allowed the return of Ottoman colonialism to the country.

At the same time, demonstrations run at risk for their participants. In Tripoli, to prevent anti-Turkish actions, gangs belonging to the Libyan GNA Ministry of Internal Affairs entered the city. However, despite all attempts to prevent fees, people still come out to voice their position with regard to Turkish aggression.

Recall that the Turkish parliament last Thursday, January 2, approved the sending of its military to help militants supported by the Government of National Accord. At the same time, in Libya, since 2014, Field Marshal KhalifaHaftar, LNA has been conducting the anti-terrorist operation Al-Karama. The purpose of the campaign is to free the country from existing gangs.

Turkey has long supported an illegitimate GNA. Assistance is provided in the form of supplies of military equipment and weapons, as well as manpower. Ankara sends terrorists from the Syrian province of Idlib to Libya. Militants fled from thereafter the successful operations of the Syrian Arab Army, which since last August began to liberate terrorist-controlled territories.