India Is Not Involved In Getting Back Its Own From Detention Centres and Prisons

New Delhi appears to resist getting back home, in a bizarre discovery, the next of kin of several Indian mausoleum families who may have been sucked into the Middle East’s Islamic State nexus. Most have families in Syria that have been confined to detention facilities or gaols. Women and children have no means of reaching home, India, back home.

New Delhi has odd fears of regrouping, or anti-government and human rights propaganda breaking out, according to verified reports. Back home, the centre wishes to stop some sort of jihadist mobilisation. In addition, there is a suspicion that, considering the near impossibility of collecting evidence and witnesses, the unproven crimes of these displaced Indian people would be hard to prosecute.

In the Middle Eastern camps, there is no strong evidence that the Indian consulate has interacted with any of the incarcerated families. The citizens detained and then missing have been labelled jihadists. If it was understood from the horse’s muzzle, there was no way of knowing the fact. Many seemed to have been duped into profitable jobs, only to be blackmailed into soliciting work related to terrorism.

It has been seen that in the Middle East and Afghanistan, these Indian individuals have said they have joined Islamic state formations. This accounts for as many as 135 people who are not women or girls. Ninety came from a single state, Kerala, court papers, First Information Reports, and officials’ interviews indicate.

The state of affairs is comparable to many other nations that have found it hard to repatriate such nationals. It is not a new storey to have joined terror groups and then been caught and held in separate prisons.

After such people had gone through heavy training and brainwashing processes in the name of Islam and the caliphate, France , the United Kingdom, Germany, and several other European countries were searching for constructive recovery services to get back their own.