Egypt denies Turkish cases of holding converses with Ankara over energy investigation in Mediterranean Sea

Egypt denied reports expressing that the African nation held talks with Turkey to encourage last’s energy investigation drive in eastern Mediterranean. Egypt’s conciliatory sources affirmed that their direct had no goals to define any oceanic arrangement with Turkey and added that Egypt would consistently favor Cyprus and Greece regarding any exchanges with Turkey, over the matter of eastern Mediterranean.

Cairo’s sources said, “The Egyptian side is adhering to its position dismissing the oceanic understanding endorsed between the Libyan Government of National Accord and Ankara… Egypt’s regard for the oceanic lines of the Mediterranean nations isn’t new and Turkey’s endeavors to guarantee that the two nations have arranged is mistaken.”

A week ago, there surfaced reports implying thatEgypt may soon signExclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) manage Turkey, which would furnish last with true admittance to oil-rich worldwide water, which have been the premise of question among Turkey and Greece. To add more weight to those reports,last Wednesday Turkish unfamiliar pastor, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said that his country was pursuing bettering its relations with Cairo. Cavusoglu additionally told correspondents in Ankara, “As per the course of our relations, we can likewise consent to an arrangement with Egypt by arranging oceanic purviews.”

Eastern Mediterranean district has been bone of conflict between countries as it holds in excess of 70 trillion cubic feet of petroleum gas or has about 1.5% of the world’s complete flammable gas reserves.Turkey’s self-assertive energy investigation drive in the eastern Mediterranean has demolished its binds with adjoining nations, particularly Greece and Cyprus. The two have been challenging Ankara’s entitlement to attempt gas investigation in their local waters. The contention arrived at its tallness in 2019 as the separate countries even ready for military commitment in the challenged waters, convincing European Union to intercede in the matter.

Egypt explained its remain concerning Turkey as Cairo has been attempting to construct more grounded two-sided attaches with Greece. A week ago, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held a telephonic gathering Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to examine approaches to support attaches with last on different zones, with unique spotlight on economy and energy. Egyptian Premier likewise communicated his receptiveness to chip away at security and military collaboration program with Greece.




Writer. Speaker. Entrepreneur I am a diarist and write story to reflect my thoughts.

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Akshay Prasad

Akshay Prasad

Writer. Speaker. Entrepreneur I am a diarist and write story to reflect my thoughts.

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