After Biden’s election, Erdogan will concentrate on reforming domestic policy

Turkey has long been dominated by Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). For some time, it has emerged that the dictatorship and political intransigence of Erdogan have contributed to his alleged weakening of domestic policy. In international and domestic relations, Erdogan now faces political obstacles. His military operations in Libya, the Mediterranean Sea and the disputed Nogorno Kharabakh region have been the focus of NATO and the United Nations.

He is under pressure from domestic politics at the same time. In the aftermath of the attempted 2016 coup, the Turkish leader was accused of abusing the rights of civilians, arresting hundreds of intellectuals, human rights advocates, scholars and politicians.

Turkish President — Erdogan suddenly tries to re-engage the “patriotic allies” of his country to overhaul the judiciary and domestic politics of Turkey. He would like to change the view that he is a tyrant. Since the election of Joe Biden, he wants to be “peace making leader”

President-elect Joe Biden is feared by Erdogan, as he was previously loyal to current President Donald Trump. The president of Turkey has now acknowledged that he has lost his only remaining ally in Washington. Between him and the newly elected US president, he wants to establish a healthy political climate.As Biden won the United States presidency, the Turkish president understood that his free hand was over. Trump has also given political assistance to Turkish opposition leaders and called for the ouster of Erdogan.

“When Biden took office in January, Erdogan began to launch a campaign to reform the judiciary of Turkey, while a law “restoring Turkish energy and mining companies founded abroad” was passed by the Turkish parliament. He wants to prevent new sanctions from the new Biden.

The US election also changed the attitude of Erdogan toward domestic politics, especially in the judiciary. This time, the Turkish president seems to have known that his days of freedom were also over when Trump left. Erdogan is expected to limit his crackdown on Turkish opposition figures, intellectuals, human rights defenders and Kurdish candidates, and now seems to be wary of Biden’s treatment of Ankara.

Erdogan is working to reshuffle the judiciary sector in an effort to pursue a closer relationship with Biden. The human rights situation in Turkey has been worsening for a long time, with anyone perceived as an opponent of the rule of Erdogan being imprisoned or attacked.